Crafting Guide
How to craft items in Sunflower Farmers
Crafting is a new feature in Sunflower Farmers which allows farmers to use their tokens for a range of equipment, items and limited edition NFTs.
This page serves as a guide for those who are looking to sharpen their crafting skills and take full advantage of the future of multi-token games.

Community driven composability

The Sunflower Farm game is designed in a way which enables endless ERC20 tokens and NFTs to be linked and minted by the project's smart contract. This means the game will have an endless supply of items and game mechanics as it grows.
The vision is for the community to create and link their own resources, items and NFTs. If you are interested in deploying a new item please reach out to the team on Discord for assistance.


There are 3 main items in Sunflower Farmers:
  • Tools - Used to gather resources
  • Resources - Raw materials used in crafting
  • NFTs - Unique and limited items used for decorations and/or advanced farming
To craft an item requires a combination of gathered resources and Sunflower tokens. When you have required enough resources you can go to the Blacksmith and begin crafting.
When you are ready you can choose how many items you want and click 'Craft'. This will fire off a transaction to the Blockchain which will burn the required Sunflower tokens and resources for the equipment or NFT you wish to craft. This requires a small gas fee (~0.003 MATIC).
Every underlying crafted item is either a ERC20 or ERC721 contract. This means behind the scenes actual tokens and NFTs are getting minted against your address.
  • You own the item
  • You can freely trade it between farms
  • You can trade on OpenSea or on a DEX (if listed)


Tools are used for gathering resources in Sunflower Farmers. Each tool is a ERC20 token that has its own durability. A tool will be 'burnt' once it has been used too much.
  • 1 $SFF
Used for chopping trees and collecting wood
Wood pickaxe
  • 2 SFF
  • 5 wood
Used for mining stone
Stone pickaxe
  1. 1.
    2 SFF
  2. 2.
    5 wood
  3. 3.
    5 stone
Used for mining ore
Iron Pickaxe
10 SFF
10 wood
10 iron
Used for mining Gold
Coming soon.
Fishing Rod
Coming soon.
Coming soon.
More coming soon...


NFTs are used to gain access to new farm features, decorations and other ways of earning crypto. They are mainly ERC721 contracts but some will also be ERC20 tokens that are limited supply.
NFTs and in game items are owned entirely by the farmer. You can swap, sell or list or items on marketplaces like OpenSea or decentralised exchanges like Quickswap.
Chicken Coop
Coming soon...
Used for producing chickens and eggs
Sunflower Statue
50 stone
50 $SFF
50 iron
A symbol of the holy token
Supply: 1000
10 $SFF
50 wood
Used to keep the crows away
Supply: 5000
Christmas Tree
500 wood
300 $SFF
Will get you on Santas nice lift (Christmas Airdrops)
Supply: 50
Chicken Coop
200 SFF
300 Wood
25 Gold
Collect 3x Eggs Supply: 3000 Open Sea
OG Potato Statue
5 stone
Decorative item. Supply: 10000 Open Sea
Gold Egg
50 Gold
150 Eggs
Will the golden eggs bring you happiness?
Supply 300 Open Sea
Each NFT has it's own special limit and supply so don't waste any time. Start gathering resources to ensure you will be able to craft and mint in time!
Once a NFT has reached its total supply. No more can be minted.

Crowd Sourced Crafting

At the blacksmith you can also navigate to the 'Community' tab.
Here you can find a range of in game limited edition NFTs to craft using $SFF and MATIC. These items are designed by talented farmers within the community.
The proceeds of a Community item go to support the Sunflower Farmers community:
  • 80% gets burnt in the $SFF/MATIC Liquidity pool - This strengthens the token
  • 16% gets sent to the designer
  • 4% gets sent to the Sunflower Team
These items have decorative and functionality purposes depending on the Open Source designer or developer that worked on it.
The $MATIC price is dependent on whatever the current QuickSwap rate is. Play close attention to this value as it may make the item cheaper or more expensive to buy depending on the current market rate for $SFF
To craft an item you must:
  1. 1.
    Approve the transaction
  2. 2.
    Craft the item.
Pay close attention to the Gas Limit and increase if needed
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