Sunflower Farmers
About the game

A note from the creator - Adam Hannigan

Sunflower Farmers is a game created with the dream to become the #1 MetaVerse platform. It began as a Hackathon project in Dora Hacks with the idea that developers don't control the token. That sounds weird, right?
I saw a pattern emerging in Crypto Gaming where the developers and designers would pre-mine large amounts of tokens, over promise features and never deliver. This was painting a dark landscape for the future of the MetaVerse.
Instead of pre-mining $SFF, I made the decision to launch the game for free for the community to play. No centralised server and the only requirement was a donation to play. Over time open source developers and designers caught wind of this idea and began helping out the project. Before we knew it we had custom art, music and awesome features being added on a weekly basis.
Up until late December, the game had less than 200 players yet the pull requests kept coming in and the game improving. Since then, the game has exploded and people from all around the world have began giving a hand and contributing.
We're not doing this for money, nor have we farmed many tokens over the months. We can't offer you much to join our community of designers and developers except the chance to work on a project that is aiming to shake up the Crypto gaming industry.
I believe the future of the MetaVerse should be decentralised and controlled by the community. If you believe the same, please come and enjoy the project.
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