2022 Roadmap
The purpose of this page is to collaborate on the key objectives and goals to be achieved in 2022. This article uses the OKR format to structure this year's roadmap. As always, this is community driven and a malleable document. Head over to the #suggestions channel in discord if you have an idea to contribute.


Sunflower Farmers has the vision of becoming a well known crypto game that is built from the ground up by the community. For 2022 the project has 3 outstanding goals that will help us get closer to this vision:
  1. 1.
    Become the #1 Open Source Play to Earn Game
  2. 2.
    Launch a Crowd Sourced Crafting Mechanism
  3. 3.
    Stabilise the token price and reward long term farmers

Key Results

To track progress and validate our decisions we will use a range of key metrics to reach by the end of the year.
  1. 1.
    20,000+ Daily Active Users
Why: We want to show real traction of the game so we can seek partners and potential VCs to take our game to the next level. Certain coin listing platforms (e.g. CoinGecko) also require a certain amount of holders and transactions per day.
2. 10 different pixel artists have released their own farm NFT collection
Why: Once we incentivise other designers and developers to build on the Sunflower Farmers platform the game ecosystem will grow at a rapid pace. The innovation won't be limited to the current development team.
3. $10,000 USD has been burnt in the QuickSwap liquidity pool
Why: Burn liquidity is great for the price of a token as it prevents a rug pull from happening. Once we achieve a stable pool early adopters of the game will be able to cash in and make profit from their early farming efforts.


These OKRs look great but how will the community achieve these? This section outlines a range of ideas and scoped items the team plans to tackle this year to move us closer to these goals.

Social Invites

This year we will expose a range of different mechanisms that will increase invites and sharing of the game. The goal of social invites is a growth hacking method which aims to increase Daily Active Users.
The current idea is that Sunflower Farmers will introduce a new 'Farmer' resource which will be used for crafting buildings such as Barns, Kitchens and much more. Players will be able to craft invitations and send these out to friends or share on social media platforms. Once a new player has onboarded, the sender will receive the 'Farmer' resource.

Crowd Sourced Recipes

Build a UI which enables pixel artists to deploy their own resources in the game. These will initially be scoped out as limited edition decoration NFTs that require in game resources and/or MATIC.
To incentivise talented designers and developers, we will support $MATIC as a material that can be used in crafting. When an item is crafted, 20% of the $MATIC will be sent to the designer and the remaining 80% will go directly into an automatic liquidity trade operation which will purchase $SFF to raise the price and then inject liquidity to stabilise the pool.

New NFTs, Tools and Resources

Throughout the year the team will continuously release a range of new items to craft and collect. For an in depth discussion around upcoming items please check out the #crafting and #suggestion channels in discord.
  • Wheat - Grows every 12 hours and is used for recipes in the kitchen
  • Tractor (NFT) - Allows owners to bulk perform multiple actions in one transaction.
  • Fishing rod - Craft to collect fish
  • Fish - Used for recipes in the kitchen
  • Hot Dinner - A ERC20 item that is needed for workers on your farm
  • Apple Tree - Collect apples once a day
  • Cows - Grow cows to collect milk
  • Milk - Used for recipes in the kitchen
  • Apple Pie - Keeps workers on your farm happy
  • + Many more
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