Sunflower Land
The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. The Sunflower team does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you.
The game uses a utility token that is not intended for purchase. The game can be played entirely without the need to purchase any token. Always do your research
As of Friday, 7th of January, the Sunflower Team has decided that is was time to perform some much needed updates to the game. To do so, we have put the game into maintenance mode as we make improvements and relaunch the token.

Purpose of this document

Over the past months we have built an amazing community and our primary focus is to ensure that all of our hard working farmers can be rewarded in the new Sunflower Land game and get started farming crops again. This document explores some commonly asked questions.

How did people earn $SFF?

Sunflower Farmers Token was a utility token to craft in game items and grow your farm. Farms started with 3 sunflowers which could be used organically to gain in-game tokens and upgrade to more valuable crops. No purchase of $SFF was ever needed to play the game.
The website was taken down on Friday 7th of January due to a vulnerability that was discovered. Right now, bots continue to farm and collect $SFF tokens by interacting directly with the smart contract on the Blockchain.

Is $SFF still on exchanges?

If you buy the $SFF game token after the snapshot + grace period, it will not be available in Sunflower Land. Always do your own research
While the game has been taken down, it is not possible to remove the smart contract from the blockchain or from decentralised exchanges like QuickSwap. We have taken the necessary steps to blacklist the token but it is inevitable that bots will continue to play the decentralised game (by interacting directly through the blockchain) and people will speculate on the $SFF token.
The team does not control these exchanges or listings.
Given the permission-less nature of the blockchain we cannot stop anyone from trading $SFF. Those that continue to trade are purely speculating and rewarding the bots that continue to interact with the smart contract. Anyone who obtains tokens from the grace period are doing so for pure speculation of the old $SFF token and will not be guaranteed any tokens in Sunflower Land.

Vulnerability and Snapshots

A vulnerability was exploited in the crafting system which enabled a user to mint infinite iron pickaxes. This was raised by the community and once it came to the team’s attention the game was immediately shut down to prevent people from crafting any more items. At this point a snapshot was taken to preserve farmer’s inventories, resources and NFTs.
This was taken at block #23451693 and will be used to redeem all NFTs and resources in Sunflower Land. You must still own these tokens and NFTs if you wish to redeem them. - Jan-07-2022 07:34:13 PM +UTC

What if you purchased tokens after this snapshot - Grace Period?

The team has taken another snapshot to ensure the integrity of anyone who unknowingly purchased $SFF within days of the initial announcement. These players will be able to redeem the utility token in Sunflower Land.
Always do research before buying any sort of token.

What if you sold tokens after the snapshot?

If you sold tokens after the snapshot you will not be able to redeem tokens in Sunflower Land.

Open Sea (and other NFT platforms)

Any NFTs listed on Open Sea are done by farmers. If you purchase an NFT following the snapshot date it will not be included in the new state of the game. Please proceed with caution. If you sell your NFT, you will not be able to redeem it in the new game.

How will I redeem my farm and tokens in Sunflower Land?

If you held tokens, resources and NFTs on the snapshot date and continue to hold them, you will be able to redeem these inside of the new game. The first action you will take when playing Sunflower Land is redeeming your tokens and resources. After you have done this you will be able to continue playing as normal. You will not need to make a donation to a charity to play again.
The following items will be available for redemption:
  • In game tokens
  • Crafted Items
  • Resources (Wood, Stone, Iron and Gold)
  • Farm upgrades
If you had planted crops, you will also be compensated for these.

Anti-botting filter

Sunflower Land is a game that is designed to be enjoyed by humans all over the world. In order to redeem Sunflower Land tokens and items the team has introduced an anti-botting filter that will prevent non-human players from redeeming tokens.
Right now the team cannot expose the algorithm that the filter will use. This is to prevent bots from reverse engineering and cheating the system.


If you were multi-accounting and playing the game on the website you will be able to redeem your rewards for each of your farms.

I’m worried I may not be able to retrieve my tokens or NFTs?

If you earned your tokens fairly or farmed crops/crafted NFTs unknowingly the team will work with you to recover these items. Our primary focus is and always will be the community. We will set up the appropriate mechanisms to help you recover your items if you get stuck during the redemption phase.
More details will become available in the future.

What if I have liquidity?

Right now, only bots are playing the game by interacting directly with the smart contract. They will continue to farm $SFF and sell it on open exchanges. By keeping liquidity on exchanges you are enabling these malicious bots to cash out.
Tokens in liquidity at the time of the snapshot are considered valid and you will be able to redeem them.

Where can I buy Sunflower Land Token?

Sunflower Land is not available as a token the moment. Anyone that says otherwise is trying to scam you.

The Future of Sunflower Land

The team is currently in the design stage of Sunflower Land. This involves working closely with Polygon and other well-known projects to create a scalable solution for the years to come.
We can not rush this and will take necessary means to create the game that the community needs.
This will continue to be an open source project and you will be able to follow the technical plans that are being collaborated on in Discord.
Same as before, we will build and release iteratively. The first release will involve the farming mechanism that we know and love. Following that, crafting and crowd sourced recipes will be introduced back in the game.
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